Close to Home Noone Screams

I have heard of horribilities, I have lived through horribilities. Horribilities will stop. When? I am on timeless experiencing, having chosen to first celebrate the peace in me, seeing where the feast leads for me to share, while sharing also the freedom to refuse. To be able to refuse is to know once's shortage, on onesself, in the matter of winning public opinion, while in news shows and shared reality looked is for the way to be liberated not for the person. A human is more than the person public opinion sees/may see/has to see. Public opinion is a ride for any one to enjoy, but development of the one man or woman is a longer path than prescribed youth and adulthood.

More Is Always Available

For those who forgive, truelly it is the quest to leave you peaceful. How could one ever refuse to be forgiven, given that one understands what consequences are. And is not the one way to forgiving, forgiving without demands? When one has heard of greater than available in human possibility, experience, one lives that way, one needs no voice, but opportunity to live free of sadism. Now that the time is here that we agree sadism is unwanted, those who choose to persist in sadism are only those who have been taught the letter and have accepted it. The extend to which innocent humanity can be manipulated must not be underestimated. Also when one decides to live without sadism one can be a permanent victim of this. More than death sadism can not achieve. More of the knowledge of compassion is always available. For instance the difference between your personal judgment (opinion) and the way things are taken care of in real life. One can choose either a peaceful or violent approach to the discrepance between ones dreams and romanceless reality. One decides to forgive onesself for not being able to solve all problems.

I Go Around With You

The birthday party in the living room has the guests invited so all the world of willingness is present. Everybody is fed and the bedrooms permanently monitored. The child we may be, as opposed to the creator, is content. Feeling may deceive me, but content I have been taught how to be. From being content one can grow all kinds of wonderful. Thousands of possibilities are there to shine in this beautiful world (as the earth is often mentioned nowadays). Certainly when alive you are in life too. I go around with people, which does not mean I throw parties everyday the way people might expect me to. Some parties stay strange to me, some parties I am forced into. You are always totally free to leave any party.

You may also decide to stay with the first thing you got. Telling you again is not automatic. Telling you over and over again might be what you yearn for.

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