Stalled is the peace that lasts!

Updated: Jul 14

While knowing peace is within reach and all countries can be raised in liberty, sujettes still persist in overthrowing even the settled with the settlers peace. We have the exact right moment and still only those persisting in evil fight on street, at home and in wars. What has it left us that the peace was not signed: only deaths and hardship.

I can not go along with this decision to ignore the lasting peace we have written down in the middle-east numerable years ago. This peace must certainly be the roadmap for those who are willing.

Music Album Cover Describes

This music album cover of a project of mine describes exactly what was written down in the first part: On the streets near Jerusalem all civilians had known the peace was at hand. The leader of those streets talks to the emperor about the fact and both are to such an extend startled in their joy that the villains govern to play the people on the startle. So the one dead lie is violence to the immunity of the body: pretending to be contacting, with intend to destroy.

What to Do When Law Has to Investigate besides the Daily Themes?

From the two first parts you can go to an opinion where you state that Law has failed yet to prescribe itsself as the Roadmap to the peace Rabin and Arafat wrote. I advice everybody to vow for the peace you might know individually and enjoy this peace with as many as possible; only peace can reign.

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