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Call for darkness

Now it’s loose

My calling the darkness in the middle of the day

Can’t get it out

So somewhere I’m hiding something

Don’t want to make that a secret

Actually here’s what I’ve been hiding

A little loss of life

A big call from the centre of being

A silent approach to you

My twinkling stars of audience

Lost I am never in your company

But trying to find things

I’m a hard looker

So far away from me I search

To put some speed in this here boring life

Just to get over the bad hours

Where I hang in

So terrified as I saw you be

In order not to leave you I needed that

Where should I stay tonight if tomorrow is another day

Maybe that call for darkness will be postponed

Now that I found my reason

To be intelligent and to act dumb

Let’s put our self respect at the end of the road

So we can drive around and pick it up again

See how enlightening that could be

Getting lost is not the object of our plan

As long as there’s a plan

We can go on

But try to forget the importance of planning

While men and women are still around

To suck up the juice

To drink a little louder

To enjoy

What is in your mind today  


When you play little tricks on me again

You stomach full of pain

I will leave you

I’ll go on living without a stomach

So sad it looks in dirty corners

Where my healing should lie

Better of than you I am

With my ways

But strain no muscle

Leave no homesick feeling behind

Harsh as it is

The hurt I feel is not so physical

My head is talking to a monster

While my legs have had it walking

Trying to make up a story ‘bout my feet

That have been where I have been

Who can tell with great certainty that feet don’t talk

I myself can’t be so certain

Beer bottles, mountains and cars have talked to me


So sunny as it looks

So far away I’ve been

Closing in on girls drowning in beauty

Leaving out the info talk

Is there a bed open for you and me

Or are we too closed to talk

I am littler than little

With my fat being

Once there were times I dared to call

Still I do it sometimes

Maybe my being still does it

But dislikes the trouble it takes

To start a knowing

When will I be burned after being too lazy

Is there still no talking parrot

For who’s sake is there more ways of life

I’ve decided to die slowly

With no centre where thinking goes on

I leave it all to chance

Oh how I hate to be in the middle


When you yearn

When you cry for nothing

When the light is otherwise off

When you cannot be left alone without

I dare say nothing

I learn less

I am awake at least

To hold my thoughts

How the mind rules the body

How the body can’t stand that

And has its own traps

Am I now weak or just decided

Don’t want to discuss this

I feel wise enough to walk

To a premature death

Because I can’t help feeling that I’m

Almost out of words

But then almost out of words is how I always write

Can’t decide whether I’m addicted to life

Or addicted to dying

I am burnt to ashes

People say

But at such a young age

I say

See how I always lived

I leave nothing to chance

It’s an image thing

I can get over things

I can laugh, even if it’s just the littlest smile


I can talk about things without destructive thoughts

It doesn’t make me more cool to others luckily

But the coolness I want to feel

On my way to death

Is always there after

Leave me to chance

I gamble on a winner

Whatever age he is

When abstract art peaks in about 150 years

These words will be free of addiction